Our company

National Company for the General Realization of Hydraulic Works – by abbreviation G.T.H, subsidiary of the hydraulic studies and realization group – by abbreviation GERHYD.

GTH is a public economic company, joint stock company with a share capital of 2,000,000,000 DA. Resulting from the restructuring of the former Hydro-Urbain Est which was founded in 1976, G.T.H’s activity is:

• Realization of major hydraulic and public works
• Carrying out forestry work
• Studies and realization of all branches of B.T.P.H activities
• Industrial manufacture of concrete products in pellets (known as agglomerates)
• Construction of hill reservoirs and dams
• Culling, cleaning and development of wadis

1 – Our material and human resources:

G.T.H is endowed with material and human resources allowing it:

• Total autonomy in taking charge of its sites,
• To carry out its contractual services within the allotted time.

1-1 Material resources
1-2 Human resources

2- Our references:

In forty five (45) years of activity in the field of:
• Drinking and industrial water supply and transfer
• Water treatment and purification
• Urban, rural and agricultural sanitation
• Agricultural hydraulics
• Hill reservoirs and medium dams
• River development
•Road works

G.T.H has acquired technical capacities and know-how allowing it to meet all the requirements of its customers and to their complete satisfaction.

You will find a brief overview of our references in the « Our references » section.

3- G.T.H qualification

• Class 9 hydraulic activity qualification.
• Qualification relating to the Class 9 Public Works activity.

4- Certification:

• ISO 9001 Version 2015 (in progress)